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Privacy policy for Buyer

  1. Introduction

    Thank you for choosing ProfitAll NG Limited. Our commitment to privacy and responsible data handling extends to all users, including merchants and buyers. This policy outlines the principles governing the collection, processing, and sharing of personal information within our platform. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant section based on your user category.


    As a buyer, ProfitAll serves as a solution provider for our merchants and service providers. We collect and utilize your information on their behalf, adhering to regulatory standards. Please review the following sections for details on the information collected, its usage, and your rights.

  2. Information Collection: What and Why?

    We collect personal information about you when you visit our websites or contact ProfitAll support;

    What we collect:

    1. Your self-provided information: name, address, email, phone number.
    2. Payment details: card number, bank account information..
    3. Device and browsing information, collected through cookies or similar technologies.
    4. Copies of government-issued identification.

    How we use it:

    1. To enhance and improve the app or service.
    2. Identity verification.
    3. Advertising and marketing communication.
    4. Legal compliance.
    5. Payment processing.
  3. Sharing Your Information: When and Why.

    We may share your personal information with the following:

    1. Companies assisting in service provision.
    2. Entities preventing or investigating fraud, threats, illegal activities, or violations of our policies.
    3. Third-party partners for marketing and advertising.
    4. Legal compliance.
    5. In corporate transactions.
  4. Your Information Rights

    We believe you have the right to access and control your personal information. You can contact us anytime, from anywhere, to request access or deletion of your personal information. We will retain your information until you request its deletion. However, we may continue to use non-identifiable information for service improvement purposes after anonymizing your personal information.

  5. Data and Cookie Collection Notice

    ProfitAll employs cookies or similar technologies to collect information about your device, browser, network connection, IP address, and browsing activity. This data aids in service improvement and personalization.

  6. Enquiries

    For any privacy-related queries, please reach out to us at [email protected]..Thank you for choosing ProfitAll and its affiliated products. Your trust is paramount to us.

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